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Portable x86 Device (size of PSP) to play MS-DOS games natively

in DOS
I've been playing oldskool 1990 PC games on my PSP (via PSX ports or SCUMMVM or even Amiga ports). DOSBox and DOS emulation on PSP is way too slow. Even FreeDOS on bochs emulator is still slow (well it's not slow to run DOS and use DOS but it's slow to run the DOS games under DOSBox or FreeDOS on …

Re: Blood Recordings Fixer

in DOS
Can you send me your deathmatch demo for testing? This will also help me recognise 1.21 file types, aswell as how deathmatch level names are stored. Remember, at current state my demo recording fixer only fixes original Blood official singleplayer levels (minus the expansions & multiplayer levels). …

Blood Recordings Fixer

in DOS
Hi guys I have made a Blood recorded demo fixer to fix the bugged user demo recordings (that are recorded using the -map parameter, not spielberg cheat). http://www.megaupload.com/?d=AFDFFYOE Please try it out, test it and give me some feedback. Oh, please don't try this on custom/multiplayer maps. …

WISH/IDEA: DOSBox multiplayer via multicasting

I am wondering whether DOSBox can do multiplayer multicasting. It's not IPX tunneling. It's something similar to ZSnes, Snes9X & MAME emulators or http://www.kaillera.com/ (however you spell it). Basically some old DOS games were 2 or more players on one PC. This would be cool where DOSBox connects …

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