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Re: Old Pentium 133 PC for sale!

in Milliways
I bought a Packard Hell 75mhz back in Christmas of 95', twas my first computer. What a crap performer. The mobo lacked cache, not upgradable either. The 30 pin FPM RAM was inexcusable. The Cirrus Logic on the mobo was craptastic. The Aztec sound/modem combo was hoirrid. I had nearly replaced …

Re: Windows 7 - which version ?

in Milliways
I've been running Win7 (beta/RC whatever) and I really like it. Never did the Vista thing, was happy with XP. Anyway I preordered Win7 Home Premium when it was $50 and it's come out next month. Thing is I'm not ready to reinstall every freakin thing again and will prolly continue to use RC well into …

Re: List the PC games that you have beaten

in Milliways
I've played a crap load of games but only a small percentage keeps my attention long enough. 1701 A.D. Amazons & Aliens Anno 1404 [03.31.10] Alice Arcanum Baldur's Gate Banner Saga [1/6/15] Batman: Arkham Asylum [08.30.11] Battlefield: Bad Company 2 [01.10.11] Beyond Good & Evil Bioshock [02.25.09] …

Re: What DOS game are you playing right now?

in Milliways
Me - Arena, elder scrolls. I tried to play Arena when they released it for free, I couldn't handle it. The word is so massive but seems you can only see a 5 feet in front of you, it's like your running around blind. But Bethesda rocks. The Fallout 3 bug caught me again, figure I'd start building up …

Diamond Edge 3D 3240

I recently picked a second Diamond Edge 3D 3240, one that is complete with the original games, manual, driver disks and Saturn port adapter. So now I have an extra card, anyone up for a trade? Is trading/selling allowed on this site cause I don't see a dedicated area devoted to it. I also have a …

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