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Re: my two reto rigs

No I haven't bought anything from gog, All mine are the real deal. Here is my Might and Magic 1-6 compilation. :happyhappy: It's still sealed and I've actually never played any of the M&M RPG games, been meaning too for years now...I do love the Heroes strat series though. http://home.comcast.net/~ …

Re: My rigs and collection

cdoublejj wrote: Sooooo i guess i just building them and seeing how far i can max them out i guess. Is that wiiiieeerrd? Hope not cause I've done it before hehe. I like that case with the big blue button thingy. Didn't Alienware use that case in the late 90's?

Re: Bad-ass 386 *updated with video*

Nice video, I didn't realize how bad Sound Blaster sounded back then, well compared to the awesome sound of that Roland. Just for curiosity, what was the price points of the 3 sound cards at the era of the popular 386 33mhz? (my friend had one and I was so envious, I had nothing but my aging TI 99/ …

Re: My newly acquired beast!

PowerPie5000 wrote: Orchid Righteous Voodoo 1 in PCI slot 2 Click Click boom! I run a Orchid card too with the infamous clicking when it's activated. Great way to know exactly what 3d card is running in your system when you fire a game up. Nice setup, maybe overclock that P75 or drop the P133 in.

Re: My rigs and collection

Also I found dual proc a complete waste for games - of the older games only q3 could use it iirc, and some games seemed to break with it. That's under win2k, I didn't have xp at the time. +1 Dual CPUs have no place for retro rigs unless your running a retro server. The extra cpu fan would just be …

Re: my two reto rigs

Hehe, you would be surprised how many games can fit on a 4.3gb HDD lol. On the P200 I have everything from The Lords of the Realm II, Descent, MDK, Carmageddon to Dungeon Keeper. On the Celeron Voodoo 2 machine I have stuff like Quake 2, Powerslide, Carmageddon II, Heretic II and Star Wars (Pod) …

Re: Unreal Tournament 99 (Classic) on windows 7 x64

in Windows
I'm still an avid UT 2004 player and when I switched to Win7 64 my frames nearly cut in half at certain times, never could figure out a solution. I dual boot Win7 and XP now, XP just when I play UT. I know this doesn't really help you but it could be a possible solution, dual booting Win7 and XP is …

my two reto rigs

Just joined so I figured I'd post up a couple of my retro devices. Here is my DOS/Win95 rig, all parts/software is dated 1997 or earlier: Abit AB-TX5 [Intel 430TX chipset] Pentium 200 MMX [intel Socket 7] 64MB (32mb x 2) 60ns EDO DRAM IBM Deskstar DCAA-34330 4.3gig 5400rpm Hard drive Hitachi CDR- …

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