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Re: Building a 486 with modern parts (ATX case, ATX PSU, CF card, GOTEK FDD, New buttons)

philscomputerlab wrote: smeezekitty wrote: Awesome case. But seriously, what's up with the 8MB of RAM? That's barely enough to run Windows 95 It's running MS-DOS 6.22. Even so, CF cards makes it easy to switch OSes so it would make sense to build the hardware for such. More RAM never hurts, even in …

Re: More thoughts on digital copyright laws

I do agree though, that digital rights are really messed up, and copyright exists for far too long per item. I'd personally love it if copyright only persisted for ten years, or even just twenty-five (and not the seventy-five and counting years that Disney have pushed it up to now). I would prefer …

Re: Any of you on Windows 10?

I still can't get over how quickly it boots up. My iPad dreams of this kinda startup speed. :happy: I don't get the big appeal of startup time. Do you really start up your machine that often? Usually twice a day. I know the 5 seconds that I save over Win7 doesn't sound like much, but it's that " …

Re: Any of you on Windows 10?

The concern with Windows updates is they are known to push microcode/UEFI/BIOS updates and break stuff. Not all updates are helpful -- especially when they are designed to disable features. Remember the FTDI counterfeit chip debacle?

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