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Re: DOSBox-X branch

Is it possible to get either the timidity or mt32 mididevice to work with the windows builds from the Dosbox-X Releases github page? Also, is there a way to use the record function without losing FPS (I did a Doom timedemo, there's a definite difference with recording on and off)? Thanks in advance …

real ipx through internet on win98se in 2018?

IPXNET is, of course, limited to DosBox; Kali and Khan seem more or less dead; I don't know how to configure PPTP (and I am under the impression that I'd have to open ports on the server hardware, which might not be possible...) So... how do you connect real hardware ipx through the internet in 2018 …

Re: DOSBox-X branch

No wonder PCem has it set to 10. Thanks for the quick response! Edit: Still doesn't work. Odd. Edit 2: Gave up and went back to PCem. It was more accurate (and ironically faster) anyways. Main reason I tried going with Dosbox-X in the first place was because it might have been faster than PCem.

Re: DOSBox-X branch

I don't have the faintest idea why, but I'm having trouble connecting to the internet through the Guest OS using the emulated NE2000 (NPCap with WinCap Compatibility Mode on has been installed and everything has been recognized). It's just that I feel like if I can't get *anything* from Win98SE's …

Core Processor equivalencies

Hello. I'm curious as to what Hz each cputype (386 | 386_slow | 486_slow | pentium_slow | 386_prefetch) is supposed to be equivalent to. In this case, I'd like to set PCem to the equivalent of DOSBox's "pentium_slow" setting (I don't want to overshoot the mark).

Re: True Roland MT-32 music in X-Wing CD... possible?

in Milliways
Wait a minute... I just realized...are .IMS and .MDR files drivers instead of containers? ...i'm an idiot. I think what I meant to be looking for is tools for .LFD format. edit: and as it turns out, SLADE supports LFD for replacing files... and it turns out that the ROLAND.LFD files are identical. …

Re: Releasing Source Code =/= Higher Sales

in Milliways
Epic Games never released their source code to Unreal 1, Tournament 2, 3, and they are still independent. That sounds like a non-sequitur to me. I think releasing the source code would be good, but it would be highly obsolete and with planned obsolescence, it would mean a lot of worthless code. …

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