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Re: Voodoo 2 - Heatsinks Needed?

I ordered three 55mm fans off ali express for about 10 USD after shipping. https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/88UAAOSwBp9aautJ/s-l300.jpg They will overhang the chips by a bit, but I think there is enough room. Putting small heatinks on the memory probably can't hurt either. I found 60 pieces of 8. …

Asus P2B BIOS error

Hello, I am facing an error in my Asus P2B BIOS while booting up. Getting a message as follows: "Hardware Monitor Found An Error. Enter Power setup menu for details. Press F1 to continue". I entered the bios setup and then power setup menu. Here I noticed that the +5v was in red. It was displaying …

Re: CD audio based Win 9x games stuttering

in Windows
Oetker wrote on 2021-10-02, 06:52: Also, check if DMA is enabled for your hard drive. Been a while, but recently enabled DMA mode. Then noticed almost no stuttering using Daemon tools. Enabling DMA did the trick. Thanks!!

Re: Issues with some games on a Voodoo 3

in Windows
Sounds tot me like a broken Voodoo 3... These cards should just work out of the box, without any tinkering whatsoever. To be sure, try a fresh Windows 98 installation and only install DirectX 7 and the latest reference Voodoo 3 drivers (1.07.00). If you still have issues, then your card is …

Re: Reusing Voodoo 3 original heatsink

If the heatsink is wobbly that means it is not making proper contact anymore. This is normal since the original heatsink height probably takes into account the thermal pad thickness. Your options are to mount a third party heatsink that can be tightened down better, or a thicker thermal pad. Using …

Issues with some games on a Voodoo 3

in Windows
I am having issues with running some 3Dfx games on a Voodoo 3. Have installed the V3 on a slot 1 MB (Asus P2B). Then installed the v1.07 drivers. Have set the display resolution to 1024x768. Didn't notice any graphical artifacts/corruption with the windows 98 desktop and display. 1) Interstate '76 …

Reusing Voodoo 3 original heatsink

I have removed the original heatsink from a V3 card and cleaned up the existing thermal paste. The compound on the existing heatsink is in the form of a thin sheet (~1 mm ). Then proceeded to apply MX4 using the pea method after cleaning the core and the heatsink. After applying the compound, …

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