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Re: 7th Guest & DOS

Hi, are you trying to run the game through windows or pure dos? Have you disabled the unneeded on board ports (serial - parallel)? What irq is assigned on the legacy settings of the card? Can you reserve in bios the common irq's used by sound cards (5,7)? Are you setting the SET BLASTER variables in …

Re: ps/2 header

The 5-pin header I recently brought in use has yet another pinout. Again, there is no standard! Even posts that look identical can be completely different pinout. Find the GND and +5V posts (measure conductivity to the power supply connectors' 5V and GND pins). Find the not-connected pin (it should …

ps/2 header

Hello guys, i got the lucky star 5MVP3 and the first thing i noticed is that th PS/2 mouse header i made for my older motherboard is not working. Does it need a different pinout? Does any of you have a schematic? A source of PS/2 brackets will be appreciated too. Thank you.

sb 16 ct2230 problem

Hello, after years of use my sb16 ct2230 started giving me a "Wrong Base I/O Address or Audio Card is not detected at 220H" error. I tried everything i could regarding the software side of things. I tried using different motherboards but no luck. Do you have any suggestions on the hardware side? …

Prometheus ARIA16

Hello guys and a very happy new year! I found a Prometheus ARIA16 and tried to make it work with no luck. It booms when i turn on my pc and then silence... I noticed that everything in the from of the card is where it should be but in the back it's missing the L2,L3,L4. Can someone who has this card …

Re: audigy 2 zs problem.

skitters wrote: Are you using the VxD drivers or the WDM drivers? Check this thread Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Windows 98 Driver In windows 98 i tried the VxD Drivers. In XP and 7 no other choice than WDM. The weird thing is that no output is working!

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