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audigy 2 zs problem.

Hi guys! need your expertise on something. I dug up my old audigy 2 zs and installed it on my tualatin PIII. Windows 98SE recognized the card, installed the drivers, and then... no sound. The creative diagnostics passes the tests fine. I tried the card to my other pc's ranging from PVI 478 to 775 …

Re: The Elder Scrolls: Arena - freezes

Arena is released on disk and CD rom, the floppy version is without speach and the CDrom version with speach ;) I recently bought the original CDrom version of TES:Arena, before I had the illegal downloaded disk version (wich does work completely under DOSbox ;)) Daggerfall is runable under XP with …

Hired Guns

I got Hired Guns when it was releashed for pc. I tried to run it on my 386 with an original soundblaster and while the game worked fine there was an error in the sound card detection. I tried this many years later in dosbox .58 & .60 but it shows the very same error. I d/l the game from many sites …

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