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Re: Prost Grand Prix 1998 DOS

well thanks managed to run this game using gulikoza build + dgVoodoo , forcing bilinear filtering works, game terrible slow =( , okay that's up than for quemu 3dfx pass trough than. or WinXP+ DX11 hack install somehow =) Bilinear filtering makes this game looks awesome.

Some Games list that uses API

I will keep here some games that uses API , 3dfx and early 3d accelerated games will be moved from here to gamecollector's and vetz lists is sign "!" there it means its confirmed. ? - means found in internet, not inside game files. ddraw- means any DirectDraw or Direct3D versions up to 6 (or 7?) Sub …

Re: dgVoodoo 2 for DirectX 11

Tested with Mageslayer & Take no prisoners & Requiem Aveaning Angel & thief 1 & nosferaty = wow wow wow works excellent. oh browsed this thread quickly and found you talked about npatches (ATI truform on direct3d) oh yeas please =) P.S. also i want to know, how i can find out its support truform or …

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