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Yet another rig thread.

Since I'm new, just thought I'd share my specs on both my new and retro systems. Main system: Q6600 @ 3.2GHz Gigabyte 965P based board (DS3P if memory serves) 4x1GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2-800 (4GB) Assorted HDDs from 320GB to 750GB Radeon 4870X2 (the one with two GPUs on one card) X-Fi Xtreme Audio (aka …

Space Quest 4 + SB16 PnP + MT-32 = :(

Hi, this is my first post here, and I thought I'd share a solution I cobbled together in the face of hours of frustration. I was having trouble with Space Quest 4. The music was working fine until the first digital sound effect played. After that, the music plays but it's all crazy, but digital …

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