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Is this 386 DX CPU legit?

Found a listing on eBay for this CPU, the price is nice. However I have noticed there is no stepping code marking on the ceramic spreader. Seems suspicious. Have you encountered such CPU and was it working? s-l1600.jpg EDIT: The datecode says year x7. There was no DX33 in 1987 to my knowledge, could …

Re: What's the difference between HardMPU and PCMIDI?

in Marvin \ Sound
Yeah I was wondering about that too. I would probably be able to dig through the forum and figure it out but haven't the time yet. My first guess is that HardMPU runds the SoftMPU app on separate hardware to lessen CPU usage but I could be wrong. It's still emulating intelligent mode. PCMIDI is real …

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