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Intel arc and d3d9

in Milliways
https://www.tomshardware.com/news/intel-xe-arc-swap-to-dx9-emulation https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000091239/graphics.html So d3d9on12 isn't emulation and almost all display drivers currently don't use d3d9on12 which is the reason this is being pointed out in th e article. …

Re: Doom 3 Performance & Quality Issues

in Windows
Have you tried any of the ports? dhewm3_1.5.1pre1_win32 works but you'll need to change major and minor OS to 4 and 0 in the executable using cff explorer. I would attach it but defender complains and I don't feel like jumping through hoops right now. fhDOOM-1.5.2-1414 also works Ultimate Quake …

Odd network issue with file transfer

in Milliways
Setup: Laptop 80.2.11ax Server with 10GB NIC 10GB Switch Issue: File transfers from two laptops over wifi max at 27MB/S while the server is connected to the 10GB switch This has been going on for quite some time but I've ignored it, especially noticeable when I'm performing file transfers from my …

Re: Warcraft II BNE on Raspberry Pi 400

in Windows
Warcraft 2 Battle.net Edition is for Windows so you'll need Windows or Wine to run it. You can play the DOS version of Warcraft 2 in DOSBox even with multiplayer but you'd need to find someone that wanted to play it with you unless you wanted to play against yourself. You might be able to try …

Re: VOGONS github

in Milliways
Did some testing and looks like this is the latest working version of eduke32 for Vista, 7 and 8. eduke32_win32_20211006-9651-a891732fd ( < OpenGL 2.0) eduke32_win32_20211112-9782-661883a52 (> OpenGL 2.0) Almost at the point where I can resume work on the repos, just found a bit of time today after …

Re: TrueNAS specs and guide for home usage

in Milliways
Which room is the NAS going to be placed? What do you plan to do with the NAS? Backups, video streaming, VMs,etc Is it going to be ATX or smaller? How much data are you going to store? How many users and what bandwidth are needed to access the server? As far as management of my server I use IPMI and …

Re: Running online DRM games offline guide

For Portal 2 (Build v7293 was last build I tested) on Vista and above I use the command "portal2.exe -steam", also drop the .dll in the bin folder. As far as Goldberg version it shouldn't matter. I want to say Vista compatibility is broken but 7 should still be fine and I haven't yet had to revert …

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