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Re: WCPrivateer in WinXP

Yep, some older installshield installers error out when they detect "alot" of HD space. This can be bypassed in NT with ACT and/or APCOMPAT but I never encountered the error under 9x....of course I haven't used 9x at home since....1998. ;) IIRC, NTFS can go all the way down to 512b per sector...... …

Re: Dreamweb in Windows XP

in DOS
Weeeird... Create a batch file with mem /c in it. Then run the batch file with VDMS. Then check how much memory you have free.

Re: Dreamweb in Windows XP

in DOS
Hmmm, DPMI is enabled by default in VDMSOUND. MSCDEX is disabled. Dunno if this game requires DPMI (doubt it) but you might wanna try disabling it.

Re: Dreamweb in Windows XP

in DOS
Don't have this prog but does the game's sound driver eat up memory? Have you tried different sound settings? (Disable midi/enable sfx or enable sfx/disable MIDI)

DosFreak's Superl33t DIY box

Monitor =Sony E500 21" Speakers =Klipsch ProMedia 5.1 THX Certified 6 piece Personal Audio System Mouse =Microsoft Intellimouse Optical SE (PS2) Joystick =Microsoft Precision Pro (USB1) Gamepad =Logitech Wingman Rumplepad (USB1) Keyboard =Microsoft Office Keyboard USB & PS/2 v1.0a (PS2) Case = …

Re: Duke Nukem 3D on Win2K

There is no way to get Duke 3D with SFX in 2000. Yes there is the hack CLI2NOP but it doesn't work well with Duke 3D. Your only option is Connectix Virtual PC or "upgrade" to XP...but even wtih XP you'll get lousy sound effects and no VESA. So really your only options are Connectix Virtual PC or …

Re: Colin Snover's l33t homebuilt box

Okay you mentioned OCing...but I don't see that much of an OC and the memory you listed didn't specify brand or CAS type. How the fuck is PC-2100 RAM slow? You need a 333MHz bus for anything higher than 2600. Not if your OCing....unless you underclocked your memory settings.... Okay...but 3 of my …

Re: Gabriel Knight

in Windows
You went from a P3 cored to a Athlon. BIG difference there as far as older games are concerned. A windows game I have wouldn't run on my Athlon but worked on my Dual P3. Tried it on another Intel rig and it worked. On another Athlon it was a no go. In the future processor emulation will be a MUST …

Re: RB pilots, This is worth 10 USD, I think :)

If you have a GF4 Ti4600 then there really isn't a reason to get a 9700 unless you *need* more FPS. That being said upgrading to the 9700 from my ti4600 was a significant jump in IQ and functionality for me but probly a slight drop in driver quality. ;) My Ti4600 is sitting right next to my computer …

Re: Moo & Ems

in DOS
MOO= Master of Orion 3 is supposed to be out sometime soon isn't it?

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