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Re: Tony La Russa 3 runs blurry

in DOS
Well it does work but NT get's in the way. Don't have this game but if it works in Connectix Virtual PC then it likely is a VESA issue. Some VESA games that wouldn't run in 2K work in XP but those that work in neither work fine in VPC due to VPC allowing direct access to the VESA on the emulated …

Re: Someone with an original IBM VGA Card?

in Milliways
Would it be possible to make the Vid Bios of DosBox interchangeable? For instance, include a Vid Bios dumping utility. User dumps his/her bios. Point DosBox to Video Bios. Boot with Video Bios? We could start a collection of Video Card Bios's! (Probably not legal tho)

I am slow....

in Milliways
I've been trying to get it through my thick head to just backup the VDMSOUND directory instead of just reinstalling every time that I do but noooooooo I keep on forgetting. I'll just export the regedit's from Vlad's .MSI and save the VDMSOUND directory for safekeeping...No more reinstall's for me …

Re: Games that require MSCDEX exe driver...

in DOS
BTW, the optimal solution IS to alter the game as in a Win32 port. Since such is not possible then emulation is our only option. Unfortunately if an emulator doesn't work and a newer driver doesn't work (in this case MSCDEX) then modifcation of the game is the only option....unless of course you …

Windows vers of Mech 2 games....

in DOS
Has ANYONE been able to get ANY of the Windows vers of the Mechwarrior 2 games to work in NT? I have the original DOS ver of Mech 2 that I picked up waaaayyy back in 1995 the day before I bought my new 486 DX4/100 with 12mb of Vram and a 1mb Trident video card! Woohoo! (Unfortunately the trident …

Add more descriptions?

in Milliways
Was just looking at the main page of the forum and noticed that it can be "somewhat" confusing. Could we possibily add descriptions under: "The Guide" "Eddie" "Heart" to provide a better focus and to reduce inapproprite postings?

Re: Interstate '82

in Windows
Have you tried the ACT 2.6? 😜 Also how about 9x does it work good in that OS? (Don't have I82...crappy game so I never bought it)

Re: File compression wars!

in Milliways
Yawn I prefer PowerArchiver's .cab personally...but different compression method's are better for different things. I use rar & .cab for my backup's.... .cab beat's out .rar mostly but in some cases rar wins.

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