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Re: Publicity

in Milliways
Should we mention the site to that oh so archaic printed paper media call "Game Magazines". Dunno if we want that kind of attention or the users that come with it.....

Re: Some glide wrappers

I know I know. :( Was disappointed looooooonnngg ago by ATI and have followed their "progress" (more like muddling around if ya ask me...) for some time. Have played around with all of their cards throughout the years and been pretty disappointed by all. The 9700 will decide it for me if ATI has …

Re: Does Descent 1 3dfx work with GliDos?

Today is the first time I tried out Descent 1 x. Works pretty good too. I downloaded Descent 1 X v1.43 (OGL support) from here: http://www.planetdescent.com/site/files/d1/patches/ and tried it out on my Descent 1 in Windows XP. It uses your video card's OGL ICD to render and shows the OGL ICD …

Re: Publicity

in Milliways
Just emailed: http://www.descent2.com/dorsola/d23dfx.htm and told 'em about GliDos. Pretty sad. Descent2.com never having heard of GliDos. 🙁

Re: Final Fantasy VII PC

in Windows
Read through these threads and you'll know everything you need to know! http://www.ntcompatible.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=17866&highlight=fantasy+7 http://www.ntcompatible.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=21845&highlight=fantasy+7 http://www.ntcompatible.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=21275&highlight=fantasy …

Re: WinXP vs Win2k....Hmmm..

If you choose IRQ 5 when using VDMSound it *MAY* switch over to XP's emulated sound. Using IRQ 7 is the only way to know for sure. (Well you could get XP's emulated sound card to use IRQ 7 but you'd have to modify the CONFIG.NT) As for why XP's emulated sound is worse than VDMSound's? It's Microsoft …

Re: Publicity

in Milliways
The thread I posted at Ars was revitalized. Woohoo! Don't look at me, I didn't do it! Was watching it steadily progress to the second page until Zathras revitalized it. Hopefully I can legitimately keep it on the front page by helping people fix their problems with games.... Muahahahhahah! 😉

Re: Ripper in XP

in DOS
You shouldn't give up so easily, but it's just weird that it works fine here and not with XP. Maybe you should do a complete downgrade to 2000 or something. DOWNGRADE??!!! I've got tech doc's stating right here that MS dropped the "Pro" theme in XP because Corporate types like the "Luna" theme more …

DosBox suggestions

Since I refuse to use the DosBox forum ;) I thought we could post Dosbox Ideas in here: cut 'n paste text between host/guest Incorporate DosLoad into DosBox Package? DosLoad does not recognize .BAT files. Show current resolution of guest? Screen buffer? Ability to scroll up with mousewheel in CLI? …

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