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Re: The Riddle of Master Lu & Win2k

in DOS
Why use command.com? In NT it's just slower and I've never seen it increase compatibility over NTVDM. It may work for slowing down programs.....mabye...but it would be REALLY slow.

Re: Shadow Warrior (BUILD game)

1. No multiplayer. UNLESS you use an emulator such as Connectix VPC. 2. Are you using ALL Vdmsound updated? If so are you using Windows 2000 or Windows XP? There is no SFX with Windows 2000 on BUILD engine games...well there is for a couple of seconds and then there was a crash. ;) 3. BUILD games …

DOS/4GW Memory Extenders

A near-comprehensive collection of DOS/4GW memory extenders. This compilation is dated 2002-08-22 and was released for Very Old Games On New Systems . DOS/4GW was distributed with Watcom C++ to "break the 640K memory barrier" so that programs larger than 640KB could be run in DOS. Several versions …

Re: Divide by zero & Boobia City

in DOS
Well I haven't gone through ALL of my games yet but here's some of the ones that I have collected: 1.6 1.95 1.95 (different file size same year) 1.97 1.97 (different file size same year) 2.01a

Re: Great Idea for gamers--- CD emulation

in Milliways
Experienced a prob with the latest ver of Fantom CD. Warcraft 3 wouldn't detect the CD althou I was able to access it just fine. Loaded it up with Daemon Tools and it worked fine. Was thinking it was a drive letter prob but Daemon Tools was R: and Fantom was U:. Also Fantom CD is too bloated for …

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