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Re: Colin Snover's l33t homebuilt box

Okay you mentioned OCing...but I don't see that much of an OC and the memory you listed didn't specify brand or CAS type. How the fuck is PC-2100 RAM slow? You need a 333MHz bus for anything higher than 2600. Not if your OCing....unless you underclocked your memory settings.... Okay...but 3 of my …

Re: Gabriel Knight

in Windows
You went from a P3 cored to a Athlon. BIG difference there as far as older games are concerned. A windows game I have wouldn't run on my Athlon but worked on my Dual P3. Tried it on another Intel rig and it worked. On another Athlon it was a no go. In the future processor emulation will be a MUST …

Re: RB pilots, This is worth 10 USD, I think :)

If you have a GF4 Ti4600 then there really isn't a reason to get a 9700 unless you *need* more FPS. That being said upgrading to the 9700 from my ti4600 was a significant jump in IQ and functionality for me but probly a slight drop in driver quality. ;) My Ti4600 is sitting right next to my computer …

Re: Moo & Ems

in DOS
MOO= Master of Orion 3 is supposed to be out sometime soon isn't it?

Re: Help with the 7th guest on XP

in Windows
Thanks, mate! I'd be most definitely interested to hear what happens. Also, does anyone know of a program that JUST slows down DirectX, and not the entire system? (I'm not even talking about eating up clock cycles like other slow-down utils do, I'm talking about making some call or something to DX …

Optimal OS Game Compatibility For Games - by DosFreak

Optimal OS Game Compatibility For Games (Ranked from most compatible to least compatible) X86 Computers DOS GAMES 1. Old Computer that fits the game requirements running Dos v6.22 or FreeDOS. These games were MADE for specific hardware and Operating system requirements. It only makes sense to run …

Re: RB3D works 99%

Bleh. Has all this info been consolidated yet? Like a main RB website that mentions all the hacks/tricks/patches/mods? Instead of searching through 4 different forums and dozens of files....

The big 2 double oh!

in Milliways
200 users! Woohoo! We need more! I cannot believe that there are only 200 people in the world who need help with their old games. Gonna go see if I can revive some Vogons posts in other forums.... 😉

Re: GLIDOS & eVoodoo...

Yep, that's why the Duke isn't as popular as Quake. When Quake came out I played Duke3D more than Quake. I hated Quake. Sure the engine was an acomplishment but it was so drab and ran so poorly on my computer. Duke was more colorful, interactive, on release was more fun in multiplayer than Quake. …

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