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Re: X-Wing Collectors Series (Windows version)

in Windows
Remove DINPUT.DLL from the game directory, Also you only need to copy the DirectX .dll that the executable references. In your case: Hi Stiletto, I have run Microsoft Dependency Walker on the main executable (XWING95.EXE), and this is the output: c:\winnt\system32\DDRAW.DLL c:\winnt\system32\DINPUT. …

Re: X-Com Apocalypse

in DOS
Difference between 98 & 98SE. You can download all of the updates from Microsoft for Windows 98 and it will be 98SE...except it will be missing one little feature ICS (Internet Connection Sharing). This came with 98SE. Everything else could be downloaded.

Windows Game Troubleshooting Checklist

1. Try game first. Then try latest patch. 2. Try APCOMPAT.exe,2000/XP Compatibility Shortcut,2000/XP ACT's. 3. Reduce Acceleration. D3D/Sound 4. Try different executables. For install/running. 5. Do not use the shortcuts. If game doesn't work. Go to the game directory. 6. Affinity. Freezes/sound …

Perpetual Forum Ideas: Additions/Changes

in Milliways
This forum's description Discussion not directly related to getting old games running on new systems by either emulation or by needing instructions. IMO, is long-winded and unecessary. The description just below it (Announcements, advice, random banter, et cetera.) is much better. :) How about a …

Re: X-Wing Collectors Series (Windows version)

in Windows
Nope, just use the ACT 1.5. There's no difference as far as options to the user in fixing an application in higher versions. 1.5 works just fine... Hmmm, I do not have this game (been looking forever but haven't bothered to scrounge around on-line ;) ) Try moving the DX acceleration slider one notch …

Re: Forum

in Milliways
I can do some adverting on Ars, NTCompatible, Tech PC, Connectix, Matroxusers I've been browsing those forums for 2+ years, helping people with computer/Game problems. Should be no problem at all to get some more people's. You could also see if Phillipp will stick a link to the site on his page.

Re: (Cross-post) In SciTech Software news...

in Milliways
Hmmm, that STB card may have had Vesa 2.0 integrated which if so if you were using SDD 6+ (has Vesa 3.0) you wouldn't have seen much of a difference at all. I'm thinking Power Management was the only big diff. The major thing to come with SDD 6 was the Winders ver and the 9x video drivers for cards …

Forums ideas....

in Milliways
Rename General to BabelFish? 😉 (To go along with Very Old Games on New Systems....come on Douglas Adams was THE MAN!) Dos (Getting DOS games to work on old/modern computers) Windows (Getting Windows games to work on old/modern computers) Mac Under Emulation Pre-PC PC Console Arcade Forums?

Re: VDMSound forum to OGoNS?

in Milliways
Ultimately it's Vlad's decision of course. ;) I certainly think we would benefit by having the VDMSound forum here. Mabye a forum dedicated just to VDMSOUND. The move over wouldn't be that difficult since all the old posts are gone. Then Vlad could either shut that forum down or post a link stating …

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