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Re: Aladdin

in DOS
"Right-click on Aladdin.exe and go to the Memory tab. Max out Expanded & Extended Memory. Click on OK to save. Use the .pif or .EXE to play the game!" or use the VDMSound GUI to configure the memory.

Cli2nop idea

in Milliways
Addition of output of changed bits to text file? Yeah,Yeah > file.txt can do it but a line argument would be nice.

Some Ideas

Implement memory checker into VDMSound GUI? Mabye a check button that when pressed in the VDMSound GUI it would output a .txt file using the settings that you currently have configured? Figure out a way to remove the MOUSE driver from NTVDM for more memory? It takes up about 12.5k. I've tried …

Re: Wrappers Galore!

in Milliways
Well back in the day (1998) when Half-Life first came out, it ran best with OGL and still does. Unfortunately ATI cards were the most popular during that time and my parents computer had an ATI card that was TERRIBLE at OGL. So installed GLDirect and that worked great! Sad huh? Having to install a …

Game Scanner?

in Milliways
I'm working on fleshing out my NT Compatibility list by adding: DOS4GW Installer type and version Supported Sound Cards Supported Input Devices Programming Language Game Engine Support Video modes/API's... Anyways I was wondering if anyone knew of a program that would scan directories and identify …

Re: Wrappers Galore!

in Milliways
http://realtech-vr.com D3D 8.1 to OGL wrapper. and GLDirect is a DX to OGL wrapper. NOT an OGL to DX. The built-in wrapper in 2K/XP uses D3D to emulate OGL. If your card does not support D3D then the OGL emulation does not work. This emulation works best with Quake engine games.

Re: X-Wing Collectors Series (Windows version)

in Windows
Remove DINPUT.DLL from the game directory, Also you only need to copy the DirectX .dll that the executable references. In your case: Hi Stiletto, I have run Microsoft Dependency Walker on the main executable (XWING95.EXE), and this is the output: c:\winnt\system32\DDRAW.DLL c:\winnt\system32\DINPUT. …

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