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Where are the scalers (in the code)?

Where in the source tree in what file is the location of the scalers? In patched versions there is support for ".fx" D3D shaders, and those are separate files. I tried to use this for what I wanted but found the ".fx" language semantics required for DOSBox to use them infuriating. Thusly I turn to …

Re: Multiple Monitor Control

According to my latest research on the matter there is a "compatibility mode" API in SDL 1.3 to allow SDL 1.2 code to remain unmodified. I haven't been able to find much documentation on it, but if I understand right DOSBox should actually be able to build just fine with SDL 1.3 provided we could …

Re: 3dfx voodoo chip emulation

It's possible that I'm a tad ignorant in the following remark, so if it's off-key just ignore me.. Why go for OpenGL specifically - DOSBox already uses SDL, and if you use SDL as well it will work in all of the render modes. Are there not functions to do the specific things you want to do in SDL, …

Re: Experimental VGA patch

In regards to "VGAONLY" being the evolution of this work, does this mean that the SVGA variants do not emulate as accurately for purposes of hardware-reliant code like demos? If so, perhaps a footnote in the config file would be helpful.

Re: 3dfx voodoo chip emulation

I have a question. Forgive me if it's redundant with something mentioned in the numerous pages here.. I assume that the goal here is to create a higher compatibility partially accelerated layer for Glide - i.e., you're implementing more than most Glide wrappers do as far as hardware emulation goes, …

Re: Win9x + VDMSound **ALPHA**

I assume that this project (specifically the Win9x version) is dead now. Is the source for the latest version up somewhere? If not, I urge you to release it. I do see that the source is there for Alpha 1 and 2, but Alpha 3 is the latest and there is no source posted in the first post.

Re: Multiple Monitor Control

I'm not a fool, I realize that at best you'd get an uncompilable mess, but at least I could give it a go then. As it stands there's not even anything to edit, it just "doesn't see SDL".. Anyway I'll revisit this when SDL 1.3 goes stable and try again.

Re: Multiple Monitor Control

Well I expected it to throw errors or refuse to compile DOSBox, I can't even get DOSBox to ./configure because of it not detecting the presence of SDL - SDL refused to make install, meaning that SDL is kinda wonky all on it's own before bringing DOSBox into the equation at all. Perhaps we need to …

Re: Multiple Monitor Control

Apparently SDL 1.3 can definitely do it (http://old.nabble.com/fullscreen-video-on-2nd-monitor-%28windows%29-td27200533.html), but not 1.2. However, I can't submit a patch because I don't code in C/C++, not yet anywho. If I could I would have just made some kind of personal hacked build by now. "You …

Multiple Monitor Control

DOSBox should be capable of going fullscreen on any monitor instead of only the primary one. Example scenario: You have dual LCDs, one 4:3 and one 16:9. You want to play a DOS game fullscreen and want it on the 4:3 monitor, but it's your secondary. You can swap primaries, run it, and then swap back, …

Re: Pandemonium 2 on Win7x64?

in Windows
I have it (and Pandemonium original) installed on my Win7-64 box right now working fine. All I did was use a glide wrapper and mount the ISO in Daemon Tools (on demand from a batch file so it's only loaded when needed). iirc I used dgVoodoo. Edit: Since after reading some of the lower posts (sorry …

Fullscreen on another monitor?

I'd like to hook a CRT up as a secondary monitor and dedicate it to DOSBox. Ideally I could also dedicate a keyboard and mouse to it, but I understand that that's a bit crazy. Anywho, I can't get DOSBox to go fullscreen on any non-primary display. I read around online and found precious little on …

Re: vdmsound on windows 7 x86?

VDMSound works fine on Win7-x86, I use it on my netbook. I installed XP video drivers in order to allow DOS apps to go fullscreen (and get a small performance boost in other things). Without the XP video drivers it's not worth much, as without fullscreen support 99% of games will not run.

Re: Dos application for mining pit monitoring system -- URGENT --

in DOS
I would far sooner trust DOSBox than a full VM - it's way more stable and responsive in my experience. That said I'd just use a hardware DOS machine for something that serious - DOS can run on modern hardware fine if you can't find a 486 or something, and drivers can be found for most hardware under …

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