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Re: Choosing a Voodoo

My P5A refused to post with the chip - could you post your jumper settings? In the meantime I ended up putting it in my VA-503+ which accepted it much more happily. I tried every setting (this board goes up to 124x5.5=683mhz max setting). My process was as follows: I stuck the multiplier as low as …

Re: Choosing a Voodoo

The board I have is capable of going up to 120mhz. I will be overclocking this mobile Pentium shortly and finding out how high it can go. For all I know it might manage 420mhz. I want to play Gex, Unreal, Blood, Croc, Quake, Carmageddon, and just about every Glide game I can find that'll run on here …

Choosing a Voodoo

I built the ultimate Socket 1 486 box and now I'm on to my next challenge. While pushing the 486 box to it's limits I found that I really became interested in Glide, and wanted a box that could run Voodoo cards. I have a 266mhz mobile Pentium MMX that I am planning to OC the heck out of (300+mhz) on …

Re: Guide - Windows 95 on DOSBox 0.74

Ah, I have had -t hdd in there, I just removed it during one of the last couple tries and forgot to put it in the post here. As for the 512 - that was a nasty typo, glad you caught that. I will try omitting C and see if that helps. Edit: Yeah that works - thanks.. been a long time since I messed …

Re: Guide - Windows 95 on DOSBox 0.74

I am getting a wonky error trying to follow this guide when trying to mount the image, specifically. I have a 512MB image - 1040 cyl. I try using the line: imgmount 2 c c.img -size 523,63,16,1040 -fs none It returns "The image must be on a host or local drive." I have also tried imgmount 3, imgmount …

Re: DOS32A + Sim City 2000 = Fail when Zoom In?

in DOS
After bypassing the apparent crash DOSBox experiences when trying to install SimCity 2000, I tested it in DOSBox with DOS/4GW and DOS/32A and it does seem that DOS/32A is the culprit. I contacted the maintainer of DOS/32A and for now will just go with an older version of SimCity I guess.

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