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Re: VGA Capture Thread

Anybody want a demonstration? Sure! I also agree. 60 fps captures are so much smoother. I did this Quake 2 gameplay on a V3 with v-sync and it's so smooth to see at 60 fps on the big screen. Thing is compression actually works quite well with 60 fps so videos shouldn't become that much larger in …

Re: End of the line

Wow, what a collection! Are you sure about selling? Must have taken you ages to get it all together. I'm not familiar with Falconfly, what about eBay?

Re: Blood and hardware Roland Midi problem

in DOS
I haven't looked into aftermarket memory managers like 386MAX or QEMM because I heard many games are not compatible - can somebody provide comment on this? There should be zero need for after market managers. You could try my start-up files with CD-ROM and mouse drives. It has 6 boot options to …

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