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Re: Torin's Passage and King's Quest 7 Videos

in DOS
The videos definitely play at a small size natively. I'm wondering if there might be a way to edit the game so that it plays them in a larger window. I do understand that when the games came out the impetus was to ensure compatibility across a wide array of computers with specs far below those of …

Torin's Passage and King's Quest 7 Videos

in DOS
Hello, I've got Torin's Passage and King's Quest 7 on CD and was hoping to relive some old gaming memories. I've installed both in DosBox and the gameplay is fine, but the video cutscenes in both games play in a very small window on my screen. I've looked at the resource.cfg files for both games and …

Re: Nascar Racing CD Sound

in DOS
Well, I got it working, but only after I transferred the contents of the bin/cue to a file on my hard drive and did away with the image mounting and whatever. I figured since DOSBox wouldn't save the settings to what it thought was a CD that I would see if it would save it to a config file in a …

Nascar Racing CD Sound

in DOS
I'm having a hard time getting the sound to function on my Nascar Racing CD. I've ripped it to a bin/cue pair and added it to my dosroot folder (I use DBGL, though I've also tried all of the commands running from plain old DOSBox, just in case the frontend was causing compatibility issues). After …

MT-32+Windows 7 64 Bit

I've checked around the forums for solutions to getting DOSBox to work with an MT-32 emulator, and I've even gone so far as to fake signing security tickets on software designed for previous systems but nothing seems to work. I hope this isn't a repost, and please point me in the right direction if …

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