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Re: Sound Card Recordings

in Marvin \ Sound
Hot damn! The ES1869 sounds EXACTLY like my OPTi 929A! I found a few of ES1869 sound cards sitting inside a bin at a family friend's pawn shop. I'd better go snag one of those before they're taken! Considering I have an ESS Maestro-2, whose FM Synthesis leaves a little to be desired, it's quite a …

"The Many Sounds of:" - A look at various different sound cards and the sound they produce in DOS games

Since June, I've been going through a lot of different sound cards trying to find a good one to use for my MS-DOS gaming PC. In the process, I've been recording their sound in a variety of YouTube videos with different games. I've done two games so far and I will keep adding more later on. Game 1: …

Re: What monitor do you use?

in Marvin \ Video
I use a 20" Samsung SyncMaster 206BW on my main desktop computer. Has very nice colors, is very sharp and is nice and bright. For my MS-DOS and Windows 9x gaming PCs, however, I don't use monitors. I use a 27" Electrohome CRT TV with the S-Video or Composite outputs of each PC's graphics cards(ATI …

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