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Re: Iomega ZIP drives

In Britain, we don't have such amazing places like Goodwill et al. Unfortunately. I have a few charity shops in my area, but they're only small high street premesis's, and the stock they hold is merely alot of clothes and antique stuff. :depressed: :depressed: Same with OZ, most of the thrift …

Re: Hard drive size

PeterLI wrote: I really like 210, 340 and 540MB HDDs. 105MB is fine for 80286s: you can put many games from that era on a HDD that size. 😊 Thats the line I was thinking of going for my 386/486's. Now I just have to find some at a reasonable price so I can re-live all that HDD chatter glory!

Re: Hard drive size

The 286 has a working hard drive in it at the moment so that should be okay. I can't quite figure out how big it is because the BIOS reports it as a 30MB HDD but the actual disk size is around 40MB but either way it does the job. I'm wondering what HDD to put in my 386DX40, but from the responses so …

Hard drive size

Hi Guys, Having got this 286 with a working hard drive and spending some time defragging it last night (I forgot how exciting watching your hard disk defrag and the little pc speaker beep you get when it completes!), I was wondering what peoples thoughts are about what size hdd to put in systems? I …

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