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Re: DosBox fully bindable Joystick Patch

Wrong, DOSBox intentionally capped mappable features to keep the mapper file sane in case of replacing joysticks or switching to keyboard-only mapping of joystick targets and back to real joysticks. I'm trying to think of a situation where the mapper file would stop being sane if DOSBox recognized …

Re: Command Line Parameter addition REQ

This patch does most of it. Unfortunately, due to the random placement of the various codes for discovering filenames, it's more of a hack than it properly should be. The flowcontrol is setup right, but the code inside of the "I found a -map cmdline option" needs to be fleshed out, so that if it …

DosBox fully bindable Joystick Patch

I've tried to use my XBox360 controller with DOSBox every once and a while every so often, but it never works, because DOSBox won't let you bind any axes after the first four, and won't actually register bindings to the hat/d-pad either unless the hat/d-pad is supported by the emulated device. Not …

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