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Hi everyone, I'm searching for some 'new' hardware for my old computer. Since the current processor is a AMD K6-II 450Mhz, it runs pretty good. But it aint fast enough to run Deus Ex on full settings at 3Dfx @ 1280x1024. So I would be glad and happy if anyone could help get me the following. AMD K7 …

Gaming Win98/MS-Dos Brick

Hey all. I've got my old PC up and running again. And it's doing great. Got the win98SE OS running stable and when I want to, it also boots to MS-DOS and runs almost every DOS game. System Specs: AMD K6-2 450Mhz. 512MB SDR PC133 CL2. 40GB WD HDD IDE, split up in 2GB Fat16, 2x 18GB Fat32. 52x CD-ROM …

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