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Re: creative 3d blaster annihilator pro CT6970 bios

Hello, I know this is an old thread and my account is brand new, but I have the driver cd and the bios utilities are in it so I just copied it. It's for the Creative 3d Blaster Geforce 256 Annihilator and Annihilator Pro. In the CD they say the drivers and bios are for the CT6941 and CT6971 but I …

Re: MS-DOS 4.01 Good or Bad?

4.01 have the benefit to support larger hdds over 3.31 , then you are limited on 32MB partitions. I think if you using an expended memory board, memory wouldnt be a problem i guess. DOS 5.0 doesnt really make any sense of High memory stuff, it works different on an XT anyway. I only would use 5.0 on …

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