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Re: My new - Compaq DeskPro 386s/20

The CPU card in the 486 systems usually has 4mb on it. The system is odd in that there really isn't a central logic board. There's a board with CPU and a small amount of RAM, a (missing in your case; it was an optional extra for these things) memory expansion board which has a handful of 72-pin FPM …

Re: Vogons IRC?

in Milliways
An IRC would make sense... We all spend so much time playing around with vintage hardware and IRC is a medium with which we could communicate even on an 8086 era system. We could use the very builds we show off to each other to speak with each other.

Re: My new - Compaq DeskPro 386s/20

That appears to be one of the newer 386 systems they made... While I can't find anything on the internet, I'm pretty sure the memory expansion board for that thing is the same as in a 486-based Deskpro /M which takes 72-pin SIMMs. The video card, backplane and case are the same as in the 486 …

Re: Compaq Armada 110 - the old one

SimCity 3000, Rollercoaster Tycoon and original Half Life should run well on that. Also eDuke32 should run okay without the high res pack. It'd be a good machine for a feel for the early to mid XP era. I have a ThinkPad T22 with a Savage IX and Pentium III 1ghz and those games run well. It's too new …

Re: The Death Throes of Radio Shack

in Milliways
I can picture the RadioShack name being redone in the Sprint font and the red circle R being replaced with that swooshy thing and RadioShack being used for a specific format of Sprint customer service center that also has a section dedicated to cheap laptops and tablets. Similar to some of the …

Re: Matrox G400 advice

The DVD functionality is minimal and will work with most CPUs you could have bought off the shelf in 1999 but is still anemic. The 3D acceleration was okay but you would have been better off with a TNT2. The shining point was dual head (not very common in 1999) and the DAC which provided a very nice …

Re: Pentium Restoration Project

Very nice. I like the case a lot and funny enough, it actually looks proper with that metal IBM logo. You have a Voodoo to accelerate 3D games but for 2D and pseudo-3D, I think that 1mb Trident card might be anemic. Also, Trident cards had a tendency to use crappy DACs. You should replace it with a …

Re: Don't Buy This Board

in Milliways
Sorry mate; I didn't see your remark about listing being corrected. With that in mind, the board still looks like something I would enjoy building a retro rig around.

Re: Don't Buy This Board

in Milliways
With due respect given, it's listed as a Socket 7 board with a Pentium chip and the high res photos clearly reveal the socket 7 label. This thing shouldn't even appear in a search for 5x86 or 486.

Re: HP Vectra XU 90C

DOS performance on ore-Millenium cards is abysmal so you would be better with pretty much anything else if you want to play games. Windows performance, however is decent and in Matrox tradition, the card is bound to have a good DAC and thus, good analog output quality. The machine reminds me of …

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