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Another battery problem

Having just picked up an AT PSU I was able to try to boot a Asus P55TP4N mainboard bundle I bought on ebay last year. When it posts it states the battery is dead. The battery is a little black box stuck to the board (its not leaking at the moment) unlike my old 486 mainboard there is no connector …

Re: 486 maximum hard drive size

I found a 4.3gb Fujitsu in the loft. Its detached in the cmos setup but shows the wrong size. It doesn’t have a jumper to change its size. I also found a 13gb Maxtor with a jumper marked cap but its not detected at all by the system. Its an IDE controller, a SCSI one would be great but in the UK …

486 maximum hard drive size

I want to fit a larger hdd to my old 486 pc to so I can have more games installed at once. At the moment it's got 1 Seagate 500mb connected to a promise vlbus controller card. How can I tell the max size the bios / controller will except. I am looking at a 2.1gb one on ebay at the moment would that …

Old battery question

I bought an old 486 from ebay with an ASUS ISA-486SV2 VLB main board in it. It has the original barrel type battery soldiered to the board. Should I remove it from the board I read some horror story’s of them leaking and destroying the main board. It looks fine at the moment but doesn’t hold its …

Re: DOS filename problem

That last thing did it I had no idea dos had this feature. Thanks alot guys each suggestion helped towards fixing the problem. I wasn’t expecting to get responses so quickly. The installer now works and the driver is installed. Plus I learned some new stuff. 😎

Re: DOS filename problem

Thanks, I just tried using rar and unpacking them on the old pc but i get the DISK.ID error still. It really wants to be run from a cd i guess. How can I burn the rar files to a cd with out changing the - to a _ ?

Re: DOS filename problem

Thanks. Its vesa drivers for a SPEA V7-MIRAGE I downloaded them from the driver section on this site as part of SPEA MediaGallery 05 95 complete driver cd. It downloaded in a rar file can i get a rar unpacker for dos?

DOS filename problem

I am having problems with a file under dos 6.22. I downloaded some drivers and put them on a CD-R disc under windows 7. I try to install them on my old dos pc but one file has been renamed from V7-MIR.LIF to V7_MIR.LIF and the installer wont complete. I tried copying them to the HDD and renaming the …

Re: DOS Voodoo2 problem

in DOS
I swaped out the old QDI mainboard for a newer ABit BX6 2.0 and it seems to have fixed the problem running dos glide games on the faster cpu. 😀

Re: DOS Voodoo2 problem

in DOS
Thanks for reply gerwin. You can keep the P-II 400MHz installed for all of these 90's games? I want to be able to use the extra PIII's MHz speed for Unreal Tournament and Soldier of Fortune games. Try if a 500 MHz Processor will also work for both Dos and Windows. They are cheap now anyways. Good …

DOS Voodoo2 problem

in DOS
I recently put together an late 90s gaming pc to relive some of my favourites from the time, but its not working with dos glide games. All windows games I have tried run well (Quake 1 & 2, Sin, Half-Life, Unreal ect..). But when I restart in DOS mode all the games I have tried so far (Carmageddon, …

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