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Re: What game are you playing now?

in Milliways
Played a bit with WinDoom on Windows 3.11 and 9x: Filename WDOOMSP.png File size 7.73 KiB Views 263 views Filename spdoom.png File size 33.73 KiB Views 263 views Filename WDLAUNCH.png File size 53.97 KiB Views 263 views Filename windoom-june95.png File size 104.86 KiB Views 261 views Filename …

Re: PCMCIA Sound Cards

That's the review that made me look for pcmcia sound cards in the first place, and prompted me to start this thread! The author is wrong about the Media Vision/Eiger Labs connection though, Eiger Labs only sold a 1688 chip based card rebranded from Fujitsu, not counting the sound/cdrom card.

Re: Digigram PCX9 has midi output and inputs.

DOS drivers are there: https://web.archive.org/web/2001*/http://www.digigram.com:80/download/drivers/pcx/download/pcx720.exe https://web.archive.org/web/2001*/http://www.digigram.com:80/download/drivers/pcx/download/pcx0738.exe Digigram PCX driver KDos1 Version 6.42 : October 30th, 1997 …

Re: What game are you playing now?

in Milliways
Kreshna Aryaguna Nurzaman wrote on 2020-10-03, 15:11: Impressive graphics, I say. […] Show full quote Impressive graphics, I say. Darklight Conflict, it looked nice back when it was released and still does today!

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