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Re: Looking for small CF card that works with HP 200LX palmtop without using acecard3 driver

How do you know if it's compatible with the 200LX ? Only a very small amount of cards work. I have approx 25 cards all from sandisk/sundisk (most), canon and transcend, mostly 8MB, 16MB, 46MB, 128MB cards, and none of them work without the acecard3 driver... Also, many sellers on ebay are chinese …

Re: PCMCIA Sound Cards

Yes ! Success 🙌 thank you so much 😉 I'm guessing that's all I need or do I need to do anything else ? I noticed my quake doesn't have sound effects is there anything I need to do to make that work or does the card not have dos digital sound compatibility? No that's all you need. That card only …

Re: PCMCIA Sound Cards

I had redirected it to the the following directories cfvew211\sndw95\pc98 the device does get what I assume found and installed correctly except I don't get any sound from it no programs can seem to find like winamp You need to use the drivers in sndw95/dosv. Pc98 is for the old japanese PC …

Re: Retro Laptop with Voodoo 2

Is there a way of displaying the VooDoo's image on the laptop screen? VGA to composite/s-video converter and a PCI video capture card, it could be worth a try... Or if the laptop supports ZV, a compatible pcmcia/cardbus capture card. I had a similar pci to cardbus adapter once, but it was the half …

Re: Retro OSes for retro computers

Demetrio wrote on 2023-06-18, 13:05: Don't know if this fits into the thread, because the OS is the opposite of retro 😁 I actually installed Arch Linux on my Pentium 4 Prescott build, with 1GB of DDR2 RAM and a GeForce 7800GT 256MB. Let's say it fits! What version of Arch are you using?

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