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Re: need some help with MX300 sound card

What games are known to crash or BSOD with 2048 and the MX300 (or any other Vortex 2)? That was the latest set I was able to obtain and had them uploaded on the Vogons driver page. So far I have had ZERO issues with them on my Voodoo 5 box. I have ran maybe 20 games or so on it so far with those …

Re: Is this retro rig enough for watching the "Pair of Kings"show on internet?

The K7S5A was actually a well built board back in the day. I never heard to much bad about them and they got solid reviews. The couple i have used myself were both very solid performers. As far as it being fast enough, will depend on cpu and graphics card chosen, along with what media player you …

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