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Re: Is Windows 3.1 or Older Necessary?

Win 95/98 was always better and had pretty much no issues with "win 3.1 era" games. People who still used Win 3.1 over 95 probably had a 386/486 @ 25/33MHz instead of a DX2 or Pentium. Yeah the issue are more likely hardware rather and the OS. I remember win3 games that perfectly playable at 486, …

Re: Why 7Z not RAR or ZIP?

in Milliways
Dude, there were many formats, but come on, at least i am A DOS person, so RAR32(3.9) or RAR16(2.50), ARJ, ZIP, ZOO, ACE .... for me thank you :) You forgot LHA :) A friend of mine loves .JAR , but i stick with .RAR. I'm pretty sure that Java JAR (which esssentialy are just standard zip format) are …

Re: Problems instaling W98

Yeah, the w98 install must be done within the first 2^28 sectors (thanks to LBA28), and only after applying the LBA28 --> LBA32(?) patch then you can resize the partition using non-destructive partition resizer program such as PowerQuest's Partition Magic.

Re: Ancient DOS Games Webshow

EDIT: Oh wait, you meant on real hardware. Yeah, a lot of CGA tricks don't work on most actual graphics cards, such as the 160x100 16 colour mode since it's technically a hacked text mode. ;) Yeah, i tried on on real hardware using bootable usb (freedos, with microsoft QBasic program included in it …

Re: Ancient DOS Games Webshow

Also, I wasn't actually aware that the red/cyan/white mode didn't work properly without the machine type being set to CGA. Makes sense, really, just didn't know it. :B Now that you mention it, i just try them on Nvidia GT620, and indeed the cyan/red doesn't works with that stuff it just shows the …

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