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Re: CuteMouse MicrosoftMouse LogitechMouse, what else?

in DOS
There was something called Linear Mouse, which is 3-buttoned mouse, plus an extra feature: An extra button, that can-be toggled (yes toggled, not just clicked) to select the mouse movement rate: Linear or Non-Linear , like those being re-invented by apple as MagicMouse, except you can't choose with …

Re: EXP: The Excellent Potato - PC-DOS (1996)

Thanks for SVN build, with it i no longer need to use loadfix for some other games too! Intro speed seems to be ok. As for vsync, since i'm using onboard intel graphics, i found no such configuration on intel-display control panel. (unlike with nvidia or ati drivers) Fullscreen behaves the same, i …

EXP: The Excellent Potato - PC-DOS (1996)

Joey_sw EXP: The Excellent Potato - PC-DOS (1996) works for me with proper speed. It is definitelly not too slow, actually if it was any faster it would be too fast. If you still have a problem with this game start a new tread about it posting your pc configuration and dosbox configuration. For …

Re: DOSBox Feature Request Thread

May i request feature to show: number of cycles/millisecond emulated when cycles=max or cycles=auto ? those settings usually works for most game i have, but some don't. some games were run too slow, and to my surprise, on cycles=auto then hitting unlock speed key (ALT-F12) the game runs many-times …

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