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Re: Need help with GK1 sound settings

For speech/effects, choose Sound Blaster. Thunderboard gives poorer sound quality than a Sound Blaster in this game. In a past version of DOSBox (0.71 or 0.72 or something), selecting Thunderboard would give absolutely no stutter/pops in Gabriel Knight 1. The game's Soundblaster drivers are not …

Re: Direct3D patch (Host)

Your screenshot reminds me: if input dimensions will now be passed to the shaders, I wonder if there's an easy way to mimic real VGA behavior, and decide whether or not to doublescan based on the resolution (so 320x200, etc. will be scaled 2x before going through the shader, but 640x480 or text …

Re: 1000 IQ in FoA?

in DOS
This guide says that you can only get the 1000 if you use scummvm to enter in more health to beat Hans, Arnold, and Fritz in the non-suckerpunch playthrough. It is possible to beat those Nazis without cheating: Ma5terViking at YouTube has videos of him doing it. Additionally, if you don't possess …

Re: Soundfont recommendation thread

in Milliways
"Setzer's SPC Soundfont" is great if you're nostalgic for low-fi sample based music. It makes MIDI sound like SNES games! :-D Another huge over-a-gigabyte soundfont has popped up, called Musical Box: http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=351893 I don't think it sounds that great overall, but …

Re: Games that make you choose between OPL3, GM and MT-32

in DOS
I tend to use: General MIDI for games that have symphonic-style music (such as Star Wars games) or are hi-res talkies (such as Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes 2) FM synthesis for older games where too high quality music would feel too out of place and MT-32 for games that have crappy FM and don't have …

Re: Technically impressive FM synth music

in Milliways
The most impressive FM synth I've heard is in a simulation game called WOLF: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaQlcnhZZ_A http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EKY950LloY I've tried the game with both GM and MT-32 settings, and neither sound as soulful to me.

Re: Direct3D patch (Host)

The only thing that bothers me a bit is that black border around prince (see the legs, where does that come from?). The Ultima V screenshot at the other thread has a similar glitch (Look carefully at the top of the "V"). The light blues next to the pure white are dark. This might be intentional if …

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