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Re: K6-2 Software coolers

in PC Emulation
Back in the day I used one of these software CPU coolers, can't remember which but it had specific options for my Athlon XP1700+ and it did lower the idle temps quite a bit - but it caused graphical corruption with my SAA7131 TV capture card. For years I never put 2 and 2 together and just assumed …

Re: new setup = PC Linux

in Milliways
I use NUSB33.EXE on my Toshiba Satellite 4010CDT with Windows 98 (actually NUSB33ES.EXE since it's the Spanish version of W98 ) and it works flawlessly with all of my thumbdrives and external drives (FAT/FAT32) just like a real Win2k/XP would. This laptop serves as my portable ambassador between …

Re: Embedding "zoomable" images?

in Milliways
I guess I got a bit upset because I've been doing it like that for years on several different forums running on different platforms and it never failed before, so I had my pictures uploaded and my whole post nicely formatted as usual, everything ready to go but when I clicked preview for the final …

Re: Embedding "zoomable" images?

in Milliways
I know it's Wordpress doing the resizing when I pass the "?w=" parameter after the filename, and I do the linking to the full-size image manually by using the resized img tag inside a url tag pointing straight to the same file without the resizing parameter, so that the small image itself becomes …

Embedding "zoomable" images?

in Milliways
I was writing kind of a long post with a lot of pictures in it when I noticed that my usual method of embedding large images in BBCode forums didn't work here, for example: [url=http://133fsb.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/dscn1340.jpg][img]http://133fsb.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/dscn1340.jpg?w=600[/ …

Re: Monochrome TFT

I still don't get this. Why would you want to use an LCD monitor instead of a nice bright green analog tube with no physical resolution and long-persistence phosphors which also functions as a central heating system? These are meant for legacy industrial machinery that cannot drive anything other …

Re: Alley Cat on Hercules Video Adapter (CGA Emulator)

in DOS
Damn, almost a week after I asked but I finally got some time to try this out on my XT clone... it works perfectly! The timing might be a bit different because of the 50~60 Hz difference between Hercules and CGA but between the somewhat laggy CGA emulation and the high persistence screen phosphor I …

Alley Cat on Hercules Video Adapter (CGA Emulator)

in DOS
Hello everyone! Back in the day I had a 386 with a Hercules video card and an amber monitor on which I used to play some DOS games thanks to a CGA emulation TSR. I remember Alley Cat (one of my favorite PC games) not working correctly, the clotheslines never moved and the windows never opened making …

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