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Re: PowerVR Fun Thread

I will be doing tests/benchmarks in the future, need to get all the processors and games first to test on/with. Midas3 has 3 chips on the board, don't know if they're all part of the same chipset though. Will check when I get them. As for Kyro II SE, it does exist, just in very small numbers. A …

Re: PowerVR Fun Thread

My first post here, thought I'd share some images of my PowerVR collection; (thumbnails, click for larger) Matrox M3D PCX2 http://tweakers.net/ext/f/Rk43Usz6oJqyt3iJ9TT4nXGT/thumb.jpg PowerVR Neon250 http://tweakers.net/ext/f/LRPF86q6hvlAFjoh3p1l9KlH/thumb.jpg Pixel Perfect Kyro II PCI http:// …

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