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Need some DOS optical drive help

Not quite sure where this should go, so apologies if it's in the wrong place. Anybody wanna fill me in on how to get my optical drive working in DOS? I know it has something to do with autoexec.bat and config.sys and adding some lines but that's all I know.

Re: Benchmarking, need advice.

So, I went through 3 hard-drives which all apparently were no good (80GB, 40GB & 30GB). So I'm now using my beloved 120GB Seagate 'Cuda. I added 64MiB of ram and put the cpu at 166MHz (original speed) and knoppix went fine. Used it to partition/format the HDD. I then removed the added 64MiB of …

Re: STB Voodoo II

Yes, but they exist nonetheless 😉 @intel; the program you are using to see those specs is only reporting one TMU, it doesn't seem to notice the other one. If it is a 4+2+2 card, then I am surprised. Could you provide us with pictures of the card (front and back) ?

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