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Re: Good value Win98 Graphic Card

for DX7/8 I would think the 6200 is very compatible also? and for DOS I'm not aware of it being particularly bad? so I think it's a questionable change? (6200 AGP > 5500) the AA/AF on the 6200 is also probably a lot more competent, the FX is better for older (like DX5?) D3D games I would think in …

Re: What made you join VOGONS?

in Milliways
got here by accident after googling info on some old motherboard probably, saw that it was a place of people discussing old computer stuff, which is something I've been interested in for a long time before that, and registered.

Re: Reverse-Engineering the 3DFX VSA-100 Chipset

isn't the original voodoo or the voodoo 2 a far more realistic target? also probably more useful? and it would open the door for changes like higher clocks that would be impossible with OG hardware, and that could be fairly interesting. still, this is far beyond my level, and sounds really complex. …

Re: Origin or Steam

in Milliways
steam is the standard, the others lack massively compared to it in terms of features, quantity of games and community, and just polish in general... also normally steam offers the best payment methods and regional pricing

Re: HD7990 in WinXP?

by the time the 7990 was out I think AMD had stopped supporting crossfire on windows XP, so there is likely no official driver you could perhaps try forcing the 7970 driver manually?

Re: Intel G41 iGPU questions

it's very limited for gaming, it will often perform even the same as the much older GMA950 and such, very early DX9 games might be playable at lower settings, but a 9600PRO would be better for that no doubt. it's a lot better on 3dmark than in gaming also... but outside of gaming, for windows 10 …

Re: Halo Combat Evolved vs. FX 5500 256MB

in Windows
on the FX5900SE I could notice a performance gain by forcing shader 1.1 no doubt actually in this game the FX is a little poor in general, I think it REALLY benefits from the next gen of cards (geforce 6) P4 2.4Ghz is going to hold performance in some situations also. the Xbox era games are very …

Re: If we were to accept 15 years ago as retro....

in Milliways
Core 2 in many ways feels relatively new, but also antiquate, it was the last using the old style FSB, old school style chipset, the platform is basically an extended version of the P4 platform... but I sill have quite a few Core 2s running daily as current machines, you couldn't realistically do …

Re: P III vs P4

So, going with the Pentium 4. Socket 478 or LGA 775? Is there an advantage one over the other? if you use both of these with the same chipset and kind of CPU performance will be the same, what is different is compatibility, lga 775 obviously has better compatibility with newer stuff, 478 with older …

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