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Re: FX5200 vs 9800

The FX5200 is probably one of the worst Nvidia cards ever made. Depends on what videocard u had before it,i remember going from a geforce 2 mx 400 to a fx 5200 and the difference was huge,both in performance but even more in image quality,a lot of games looked better on the fx. yes, as a …

Re: FX5200 vs 9800

FX 5200 at best competes with the 9000 (which had half the pipelines/memory bandwidth or even less), 6800LE should beat the 9800PRO easily, I think it's NV4x with 8 pipelines. but I wouldn't say "light years better", well, maybe you could say that comparing it to the FX 5200 in DX9 games.

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