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Re: New Stuff :D

I had no idea how fast that q8300 actually is. If I took my i3 back to stock speeds (3.06ghz) I think the q8300 is probably on a par with it gaming wise, and most definitely faster than my i3 in multitasking and encoding. Seems he got a really good deal! :D Presuming I get any spare money around …

Re: Sound cards - from best to worst

OK, thanks for the help, but I think my card is defective, I tested a network card on the same slot and it worked 100%, so I need a "new" card, from the options I found for a reasonable price, which one is more interesting? Ct3620 (sound blaster 32) Ct2980 (vibra 16?) 50% more expensive: CT2230 ( …

Re: Sound cards - from best to worst

MaxWar wrote: On what type of system are you working, what version of windows are you running? Do you also plan to use it in pure DOS ? the motherboard is a Asus P2B (Pentium II), Windows 98SE for now, I'm not trying to use the card on pure DOS. thanks!

Re: Sound cards - from best to worst

to be honest I'm pretty new when it comes to old sound cards, my first sound "card" was already integrated on the motherboard in 95 or 94, after that I had a few PCI cards, so I'm struggling a little with the ISA card I have at the moment was the Aztech Sound Galaxy Nova 16 any decent? also is there …

Re: 3DFX coolers (Small guide)

in PC Emulation
For V2's, if you can find them, you want the Tennmax Stealth V2 coolers. I have a bunch of V2's and they really can get hot - but I never managed to overheat them to such degree that a cooler was needed though. Are these really there for cooling purpose, or just standing there as modding eye-candy? …

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