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Re: vogons search engine bug

in Milliways
Have you noticed that the "missing" threads are spelled wrongly with only 1 "o"? So term "dgvoodoo" doesn't match, although wip should dgVodooo 2.7.x and related WIP versions (2) dgVodooo 2.8.x and related WIP versions

Re: vogons search engine bug

in Milliways
robertmo wrote on 2023-07-26, 04:00: it has something to do with threads editing or the 3-letter "wip" term. Try to search just for wip in topic titles, nothing logical is returned. Whereas if you search just for dgvoodoo the threads in question are included.

Re: Create better compression?

So you are developing not just one but some compression techniques that are not just doing better but much better that 7zip? On real data? Honestly I very much doubt this. I'll be very happy to be proved wrong though and salute a new Galileo 😉

Re: Looking to buy a garden strimmer, and weed killer.

in Milliways
I don't know of any pet-friendly herbicide, do they even exist? And what does pet friendly mean, they can lick it for example? I doubt. Roundup is commonly used, spraying 4 times/year controls unwanted vegetation. But although I haven't seen anything dead yet and after a day it's safe to use the …

Re: PowerVR Fun Thread

in Marvin \ Video
JustJulião wrote on 2023-07-14, 12:31: Your YT channel gave me lots of ideas of games to test ! Thank you ! Is yours at stock speed ? You did quote him saying it's "modified and overclocked" 😀

Re: w i n d o w s

in Windows
And to ask one new question, does anybody know if there where any Intel P35/ICH9 Chipset Drivers for anything older than win2000? Because I found nothin on my search, but I would be interested (mainly for win98🙃🙃) Maybe the thread title was written with spaces between letters, did you try that? ( …

Re: RReady Rendition Verite Wrapper

in PC Emulation
Here you are, as I wrote earlier the output is from a Diamond Stealth II S220 (V2100). I don't know what the second board enumerated is, there is only one. **************************************** Board # 1 Verite ID 0x2000 IoBase 0xe800 MemBase 0xd4000000 MemMappedIoBase 0xd6000000 memSize 4194304 …

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