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Re: 80(1)86 Turbo Pascal 6.0 without FPU?

in PC Emulation
A real 80186 controls whether int 7 is triggered when an FPU opcode is used by setting bit 15 of the relocation register. Your CPU emulation is lacking all of the 80186 peripherals (which is fine unless you really want to emulate machines that have an 80186 none of which are PC compatible) so it's …

Re: x86 flag behaviour in a 80(1/2/3/4)86 processor?

in PC Emulation
The 8086 seems to always set bits 12-15 to 1. Yes. 80186 unknown? Does nothing specific to the flags? The 80186 flags are same as the 8086. The 80286 sets bits 12-15 to 1 when in real mode only. The 80286 sets bits 12-15 to 0 in real mode (you should be able set 12-14 with LOADALL but I don't know …

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