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Re: Why do some old games has no in-game music in it?

in Windows
Jane's USAF, or Jane's IAF for example, the game has no in-game music at all. For atmosphere purposes? They're meant to be simulators, and plenty lacked in-game music from that era. Last time I climbed into a fighter jet, I too was disappointed by the lack of in-flight entertainment. Probably for …

Re: Reelmagic/Realmagic MPEG games

in DOS
Well, good news! Someone has recently shared a whole bunch of REALmagic games :) I am updating the list. I. The games that certainly exist . Ia. DOS games 1. Dragon's Lair. 2. Space Ace. 3. Return to Zork. 4. The Horde. 5. Entity. 6. Flash Traffic. 7. Crime Patrol. 8. Drug Wars (Crime Patrol 2). 9. …

Re: First game with lan support?

in DOS
jmarsh wrote on 2021-01-10, 22:07: Not really local area network games though, are they? LAN vs WAN - MUDs didn't differentiate them. Nor does it really make sense to even try to differentiate them. They commonly used dialup modems for home users, but these games originated in academia with local …

Re: First game with lan support?

in DOS
Multiplayer online games predate the original IBM PC. These games were text-based MUDs (Multi-User Dungeons) that originated in the 70s, and the first one on XT I can find is Scepter of Goth, circa 1983: https://dwheeler.com/scepter-of-goth/scepter-of-goth.html

Re: VR look back

in Milliways
robertmo wrote on 2020-10-07, 05:32: In real life you only need to slightly turn your head to look back. In goggles you need to turn back almost completely. Really annoying. Low FOV from headsets doesn't help compared to reality, but should get better with newer tech.

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