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Re: QuikMenu III

in DOS
to Keropi: Thanks for the GRLDOS link that is pretty nice GUI for DOS. Love it!!! 😀

Re: Sound cards - from best to worst

No, SET BLASTER is not sufficient. The Crystal CS4232 does the SB Pro part for sample playback, the OPL3 does the FM-music part. The CS4232 requires initialization before you can use it. The program does not stay in the memory, it quits itself after the initialization. hmm that sounds like …

Re: Sound cards - from best to worst

to FGB: //btw: I got a Turtle Beach Tropez Plus for my testing rig today.. It is an awesome sound card, It has: - Crystal CS4232 codec for SB Pro 2.0, SB, WSS - Yamaha OPL3 for 4OP FM, OPL2/3 stuff like AdLib - Wavefront 4MB ROM Synth with Yamaha YSS225 effect processor - Excellent SNR, crystal …

Re: need some help with MX300 sound card

in PC Emulation
This page? http://release.narod.ru/2048.htm#w9x you must try all links some of the links are dead if the link is dead and you want the specific file, just copy the file name and paste it into the Google search, it will find you other places.

Re: Old PC socket 7

in PC Emulation
Buy on eBay Promise Ultra100 controller and disable the IDE on the board and you will have no issues and support for bigger HDD. Also promise SATA controller works on old systems. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Promise-Ultra100-TX2-DUAL-IDE-PCI-Controller-Card-/261178408600?pt=US_Internal_Port_Expansion_ …

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