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Re: What game are you playing now?

in Milliways
Arkham asylum on my gtx 570 system, it's way different from the sequels with its smaller scope and i like it quite a bit, i'm also impressed by the amount of visual details in a game released at the initial steps of a new generation at the time, it's also surprising to notice how unoptimized phsyx …

Re: How much of your retro hardware do you actually use?

in Milliways
Daily whenever possible, i created builds for all major generations and to appease some of my nostalgia since i had those PCs at the time, i play games and upload my longplays for fun and posterity (how did the game run on a period correct PC?) when i was streaming (not too long ago) i actually …

Re: Matrox G450 PCI any good use?

DOS compatiblity doesn't correspond to the one reported in the wiki for matrox cards, i checked those games myself and by playing on an actually slow CPU the games show no issue whatsoever, for case uses i would go for a DX6/7 system no XP in tandem with a voodoo 2.

Re: What modern activity did you get up to today?

in Milliways
I wanted to test some Phenom II on a motherboard I recently acquired, a socket AM3+. The seller sold it as broken as it wouldn't POST, but it worked perfectly when I tested it. It wasn't anymore and it kept stopping at the same point. I tried to press somewhat on the cpu and it would cycle further …

Re: G-Police unplayable

Bubu2000 wrote on 2023-01-11, 18:51: Software rendering just crashes immediately. Sound is set to lowest possible quality. Ok let's start by slowing the cpu with something like cpugrab, then try again software mode.

Re: G-Police unplayable

The system is overpowered for the game in question so no problem there, did you check if there's any patch available? also try to disable audio accelleration in game. Try also software mode, there could be some CPU incompatability.

Re: Memories of Win 8.1 as it goes EOL

in Milliways
It's the only win i skipped since i started using windows in 95, but it looks solid and funny enough i finished building a retro pc (if it's 10 years old it's retro to me) that would be perfect with win 8.1 (i5 3570-GTX780) The only thing that truly scares me every single time a thread like this …

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