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Re: CVX-2 : covox adapter

Wayne Foletta (Silicon Shack / SiliconSoft) produced a neat little LPT DAC known as the "SoundJr" back in the late 1980s. It's not as advanced as some of the designs being discussed, but has a few interesting features. Instead of discrete resistors, this device employs a pairing of either 767163103 …

Re: MUNT Installation

Sorry for the late reply, totally spaced on this thread. I run Symantec Endpoint Protection, and it was completely disabled. No other antivirus/malware surveillance/firewall software was running. Yes. I was running it as an adminstrator. I also tried it without "Run as Administrator", same outcome. …

Re: MUNT Installation

Drvsetup is also crashing on my stock installation of Windows 8 Pro x64. I had absolutely no midi devices, other than the default that came with a typical Windows installation installed at the time I attempted to run the installation EXE. These are the errors it encountered according to the Event …

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