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Re: windows8

I have bought two copies of Windows 8 (there was a promo action where you buy it for $40 as an upgrade to Win7 or Vista) only to realise it weren't the best eighty bucks I spent in my life. I am too lazy to reinstall Win7 though, but the wife already demanded her Vista back and I did it :( Though I …

Re: Yamaha MU80

Neither AWE64 nor AWE64 Gold have waveblaster connectors. Those connectors on AWE64 Gold are for memory expansion board. €190 for a DB50XG is really ridiculous, I have seen one being sold recently for £25. NEC clones are as cheap as $8 at taobao.com.

Re: CM-32L on eBay UK

Some prices on ebay I consider inadequately high, but not concerning rare items like CM-32L or LAPC-I. Listen to Mau1wurf1977, and don't hope the prices would go down - they won't. Last three months I haven't seen any CM32L on sale, and saw only one CM32LN, it was sold last week.

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