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Repairing audio cards?

So some 18 years later, it's inevitable some of our favorite peripherals will start dying. My original Aureal SQ2500 sound card is acting weird. I already purchased a spare on eBay, but those prices just go up. About 20% of the time when I boot up, it is fine. The other 80% it's not recognized …

440BX vs 815EP chipset

Over a decade ago when I decided to build my retro DOS+Windows 98 machines, I decided on the ASUS P2B motherboards (i440BX chipset) because it had all the slots and compatibility necessary - AGP, PCI and ISA. I have a SB16, MIDI cards, etc. To make it faster, I used a Slotket or Powerleap adapter …

Re: DOSBox ECE (Windows, Linux)

OK, to (hopefully) make things clear: If you start DOSBox it will search for these files in this order: dosbox.conf in the same folder the dosbox.exe is, if there is no dosbox.conf it will try to open dosbox-0.74.conf (if you use the last official version) in %LOCALAPPDATA% or dosbox-SVN.conf (if …

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